Tomorrow i have an improv. show at GHP!!! I am soooo nervous. I hope that i do well.

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  1. you’ll do fine, i’m sure…yeah i know completely how you feel about the weird stares…haha i have some stories to tell you when you get back…speaking of, what weeked are you comin’ home? because it’s going to take a lot of self-control and discipline to not go see superman…so hurry! and by the way, what happened to the phone? have you finished that summer homework?

  2. you were thinking “this is a really good oppurtunity, and plus, what better way to beat up those biology kids for aarti is there?” yes six weeks is a long time, but you’re already halfway, didn’t the time fly? i seriously think you should like email ms. ellis and ask her about the summer work stuff because i’m almost positive GHP kids don’t have to do it…i wish i was there toooooooooo! do you know i’ve never been able to see you perform (which, is partly your fault ms. i don’t want to perform my monologue in english!)? what was the improv. stuff that you did? ok long enough comment, your turn!
    P.S.- i finally got my car, well my mom’s old car anyway…i don’t care it has four wheels, a stereo system, a steering wheel and goes vroom vroom so i’m like YAY! lol well, i’m not jumpin’ up and down, but it’s still somewhat exciting…

  3. dude, seriously? punjabi invasion of the roads? lol where do you get this stuff? no super-excited detailed posts of my car because…well…i don’t know why actually, i think i tired myself out of excitement last wednesday when i got my car and couldn’t stop jumpin’ up and down and dancing and singing “DOLLY GOT A CAAAAR, DOLLY GOT A CAAAAAAR!” (it really annoyed everyone else…hehe)…but when are you coming home? or did you already and didn’t tell me? superman is calling my name!! he’s saying “c’mon aarti, you know you want to watch me fly, you know you want to see the cape, you know you want to see me being the man of steel, sure i’m not tom welling from smallville….but i’m the real deal!” (ooh that rhymed!) it’s very very hard to ignore that makeda…HURRY!!!!!

    ….how ’bout we keep the “aarti hears voices” thing between us, k? just keep it on the d/l….lol

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